Hailey sports the engagement ring, but critics were ‘scared’ by her hands

HAILEY Bieber showed off her massive $500,000 engagement ring in a new photo that has critics scared of the model’s hands.

TheRhode Skinfounder posted the snapshot, which showed off her gorgeous ring and tattooed toes, along with several others on her Instagram.

Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her $500,000 Engagement Ring In New Photo, Leaving Critics Scared Of Her HandsCredit: Instagram/haileybieber
Hailey posted the snapshot, which showed off the ring and tattooed finger, to her Instagram on MondayCredit: Instagram/haileybieber

Hailey, 26, wed pop star Justin Bieber, 29, in September of 2018.

The close-up photo showed Hailey’s left hand and the diamond engagement ring the Peaches singer had given her when she popped the question.

While the post was likely shared to showcase her colorful and eclectic nail design, some critics ignored both the unique manicure and the huge rock adorned on her finger to instead comment on the shape of her hands.

In the comments section, one person wrote, “Your hands look like alien hands.”


Another commented, “Those fingers are creepy AF.”

“Your fingers look crooked,” said a third commenter.

While two other critics added ‘Alien Hands’ and ‘Chicken Fingers’.

Remarks also appeared in the comments section mentioning the amazing engagement ring.

According to WP Diamonds president Andrew Brown, the ring appeared to be six carats, coming in at around $500,000, per page six.

Along with her oval-shaped engagement ring, Hailey also wore another silver pinky ring.

On the next slide, Hailey shared a photo of her other hand, decorated with diamond rings.

Alec Baldwin’s niece also showed off her various tattoos on her fingers.


When it comes to what else is going on in Hailey’s life right now, the businesswoman recently addressed rumors that she had fallen out with her famous friend, Kendall Jenner.

Hailey’s alleged feud with Hulustar began when the best friends recently attended the Monaco Grand Prix in France.

Social media sleuths noted that in a series of photos, Kendall posed on the French Riviera and showed off her bikini-clad body covered in a sheer skintight dress.

While the former E! the star sunbathed with two girlfriends, fans believed she was with her new boyfriend, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, 29.

In another set of photos, Hailey posed with her husband Justin, 29, and her friend Justine Skye.

Hailey and Justin were also reportedly seen with Kendall’s ex, Devin Booker, but the two allegedly didn’t seem to be meeting despite being in the same place at the same time.

In an online thread, one fan theorized, “Hailey and Justine were in Monaco all weekend too.

“But they didn’t see Kendall at all. Instead she stayed with Bad Bunny and his crew, and Justin and Hailey were with Booker. I wonder if there’s any drama.”


Over the weekend, Hailey shared a sexy snapshot of herself and her BFF showing off her bikini body.

Hailey sported a floral bikini top and teased a tattoo on her wrist.

Kendall, 27, appeared in the background as she stunned in a black and white striped top.

Hailey used a filter to add dog ears and noses to their faces.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur smiled with the Kardashian star as they gave the camera a thumbs up.

Hailey captioned the post: “Feud,” along with an orange heart emoji.

Unfortunately, in an online thread, critics didn’t appreciate the humor behind Hailey’s response and mocked her use of the Snapchat filter.

One critic said, “This is embarrassing. It’s so painfully chronically online.”

Another critic added, “Homegirl, get off social media.

“It’s clearly not working for you, and you’re embarrassing yourself. Please read this, Hailey.”

A third person wrote, “Hailey seems to be a very online person…someone who intentionally searches her name in every app’s search tabs.”

One commenter chimed in: “It’s probably an old photo… that filter is aged now, I thought. Lots of laughs.”

Critics wrote that Haliey’s hands looked ‘creepy’ and that she had ‘alien fingers’Credit: Instagram/haileybieber
Hailey and friend Kendall Jenner were rumored to have had a fight after the Monaco Grand PrixCredit: Getty
The pair apparently put the rumors to rest with a selfie photo showing the friends hanging out and tanning together

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