Readers talk about Ukraine, Jim Simons and candidate Chris Christie

Morristown, NJ: Voice actor Dwight Sunada’s proposal is innovative, but even if both sides agreed (now they don’t), history tells us that neutral buffer nations are overrun by a fervent aggressor, as Germany did in both world wars. While respecting Ukraine’s territorial integrity, as Volodymyr Zelenskyy requests with the right support from the West, two valid concerns of Russia need to be addressed: the Russian-speaking status of eastern Ukraine and the Russian naval base in Crimea, considered essential for Russia’s continued control of the Black Sea. There is historical precedent for how to deal with both problems successfully.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, speaks during a press conference at the European Political Community (EPC) summit in Bulboaca, near Chisinau, Moldova on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Kiev has hinted at the re-establishment of Ukraine as a federation of states. Spain’s constitution defines it as a nation of self-governing regions, each with its own branches of government and extra exclusive rights of that region, such as making a local language or dialect co-official. As for Crimea, Kiev said it was willing to stop its counter-offensive on its border, apparently willing to negotiate. The land of the Russian naval base could be subject to a long-term renewable lease, duly recognized by the international community, as was the case until recently with the Panama Canal Zone while it was under US control with the Panamanian sovereignty never questioned.

The hardest part will be to convince Vladimir Putin that he has achieved the objectives of the special operation, being praised by the West for it, starting with the praise of the ever-negotiator Emmanuel Macron. Another carrot should be to offer Russia’s candidacy for the European Union. Let’s face it: culturally and scientifically, Russia is at least as Western as any other Eastern European country and, until this conflict with Putin, was integrating smoothly into the West. Antonio Garcia

Glendale: I laughed when I read voice actor Jeffrey Weisenfeld’s comment about teenagers and so-called Wiccan grooming. This is no different than Catholicism which imposes the ridiculous notion of original sin on an innocent newborn and continues to promote guilt that one is required to confess. Exposing children to all religions is the best way for them to make an informed choice about which one, if any, to follow in their future. Diana Mischler

Manhattan: In the Monday newspaper, the Sunday Queens Pride parade is covered with a full 3 page filled with photos of floats, smiling faces and commentary. In the same issue, the opening of this week’s Tribeca Festival gets two full pages of coverage splashed on pages 10 and 11. However, it’s only on page 18 that your paper covers the crowded Sundays of the Celebrate Israel Parade held on Fifth Avenues of Manhattan. 75th anniversary. Chana Schwartz

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New Hyde Park, LI: Before the Daily News crowns Jim Simons Millennium Humanitarian for his recent donation to Stony Brook University (Simons University of New York, editorial, June 4), you should consider that tax evasion is not the only black mark on his record. Specifically, Simons has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past two decades funding genetic research on autism, ignoring pleas from the autistic community to spend that money on research and resources that most of us want to prioritize. Further, Simons ignored criticisms that there are no safeguards in place to prevent his genetic research from being used to develop a prenatal test for autism, which many autistic people, myself included, fear could become our final solution. You say the people of New York are lucky to have Simons. Perhaps you should have considered all New Yorkers’ perspectives before making such a bold statement. Matthew Zeidmann

Yonkers: Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul and most Democrats spew their loquacious nonsense about the illegal immigration crisis almost incessantly. They scream and trample that they need more money, more hotels, more everything to deal with the situation, which is just treating the symptoms of this national disease. But nothing will change for the better until someone in the far-left Democratic Party has the political and gut fortitude to say three simple words to President Biden: Close the border! Adams, Hochul, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, AOC, Jamaal Bowman and others remain accessories of not just a crisis, but a catastrophic invasion of the United States as a sovereign nation. Their deliberate and purposeful orchestration of this ongoing horror show is a deadly dereliction of duty. Unless America wakes up to this Biden-propagating apocalypse, soon there will be no America to wake up to. James McCaffrey

Manhattan: Re Seeing the light (editorial, June 6): Indeed, around the time religious organizations escalated. We are a so-called Christian nation. Jews, Muslims and atheists are welcome. PS: Our cardinal has great spots on Madison Ave. What would Jesus do? Neil J. Tom Thumb

Staten Island: Voice actor Gene Dunn asks how President Biden can seek and win a second term after falling short of his Air Force Academy graduation and possessing a similar business track record to President Jimmy Carters. The thought that Biden would be swept away made him laugh uncontrollably. Mr. Dunn, laugh at your own peril because that 80-year-old has been educating Republicans since he took office. While I dislike all of his policies, I respect the man and his accomplishments since in office, including calling the Republican leadership’s bluff on the new budget, creating a somewhat centrist budget with louder voices left and right than they kick rocks because they haven’t gotten their way. If you don’t want Biden reelected, make sure Donald Trump isn’t the Republican nominee, because as I’ve said since he was first nominated in 2016, this con man and sideshow huckster will never get this Republican vote. John Conry

Manhattan: National punchline (and waistline) Did Chris Christie (aka Chris Krispy-Kreme) throw his dunce cap into the ring to be the GOP nominee in 2024? The only thing funnier than that is that he’s going up against the same man (iac) who emasculated Christie the last time the Donut King clashed with the Clown McDonald! (I’d say Trump ate Christies lunch, but that would be too cruel). Also, good luck trying to hide from conservatives how super liberal you are with Twinkies, Chris! Forgive the pun, but it will be very sweet! Roger Stoneham

Ridgewood: Don’t be fooled by National Grid (Build NYs clean energy future, June 3). Their New York City strategy is to grow their gas business at the expense of our climate law and consumer bills. Through front group New Yorkers for Affordable Energy, National Grid is lobbying against the NY HEAT (Home Affordable Energy Transition) Act, which would effectively cut their subsidized profits from pipeline construction and maintenance and redirect investment to energy projects clean on a neighborhood scale. Our gas bills do not reflect the cost of fuel, but a state-guaranteed return on capital costs of 8-10%, which companies that shrink the customer pool will be forced to pay. Although offshore wind farms are expected to connect Brooklyn and Queens, National Grid wants to lay a new pipeline through North Brooklyn and place polluting steam plants in the overburdened district. Governor Hochul must lead us through a planned gas transition and expansion of offshore wind farms. Chandra Bocci

Bronx: I’m a political junkie, yet I never watch Meet The Press because it’s so juvenile and vacant. Chuck Todd lets his guests lie to him without dismissal, be they GOP or Dem, because he’s an establishment hack. All these shows are annoying and boring a bunch of talking heads (most are former prosecutors, hmmm) sit around and give us empty speculations that are about as useful as having a table of meteorologists sitting around and guessing whether or not it’s going to rain September 3, 2029 We get a lot more news and reports watching comedy monologues late at night, seriously. Too bad the writers’ strike ruined everything. Well, the greedy CEOs doing nothing, not the writers doing the real work. For Chuck Todd, I just want you to know that you are much more hated than you think. May you spend the rest of your career sleeping on Matt Lauer’s couch. Jaclyn Grimm

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