Smoke from wildfires in Rochester NY from Canada shows climate reality

  • The climate crisis, including increasing heat, prolonged drought and a thirsty atmosphere, has been a key factor in the increase in the risk and extent of wildfires in the United States
  • Drought and persistent heat set the stage for extraordinary 2020-2022 fire seasons in many western states, with all three years far exceeding the average acres burned.

Mongolian sand travels hundreds of miles before whipping an unprepared cosmopolitan Beijing. The glaciers melt and the sea rises. Smoke from the wildfires swirls up and down from Canada and across New York State, forcing people indoors and endangering those with health issues.

These are the effects of the climate crisis, experts say. As our planet warms, more each year, the fuel for wildfires runs out, more cropland turns to dust, and air patterns can be intensified. It’s the new reality, not an anomaly.

Welcome to a wildfire smoke show.

As the haze has penetrated deep into the East Coast this week, skies have turned white or brown or gray, sunsets have become dramatic, masks discarded by the pandemic have been found, and people with asthma and other lung and heart conditions have recovered. worried and struggled. Runners canceled group plans for Global Running Day on June 7, and workers who can’t lose a paycheck continued to work outdoors.

Smog from wildfires in Canada has made its way across the upper United States.  The sun had an orange cast reflecting its color off Lake Ontario in Webster Park.

“It’s underrated on the East Coast,” said climate data expert Dr. Edward Kearns of the First Street organization. “I think people in the West who live with a higher likelihood of wildfires appreciate it more because it often impacts their daily lives. But it’s not just a Western state issue, it’s a whole country, a whole continent, a whole world problem.”

The unhealthy air should continue. An air quality advisory for all of western New York and nearly the entire state was issued through Wednesday by the National Weather Service.

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