The coastal family faces a rare genetic condition

Roya Malaekeh, a mother of three from El Granada, never lets her thoughts wander too far into the future. After her daughter Shadi Bozorginia, who turns 7 this month, was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition of Schaaf-Yang syndrome, Malaekeh has learned to take days and hours as they come.

I’m just looking to maybe look at next week, Malaekeh said. If I go to next year or beyond, there’s a lot more to do that I haven’t done yet and it’s really hard to think about.

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Roya Malaekeh (right) and son Darian Bozorginia, 3, greet Shadi Bozorginia, 6, as she is being helped off the school bus after a day at school. May 31, 2023. Anna Hoch-Kenney | Revision


Roya works with Darian on using a communication board while Shadi plays with a toy. May 31, 2023. Anna Hoch-Kenney | Revision

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