The Fort Lauderdale Water Scoreboard: Some sites fail almost daily, others pass with flying colors

Nearly half of Fort Lauderdale’s water quality testing sites fail to meet clean water standards on most days, according to an annual report released Tuesday by Miami Waterkeeper. It’s not all bad, however, some sites are almost always clean.

The data comes from Miami Waterkeeper’s 2022 annual report. The environmental watchdog group works with the City of Fort Lauderdale to test 10 sites across the city each week for bacteria levels. They chose sites that could see good recreational use.

During the 2022 tests, the worst site was Sweeting Park (Reverend Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park) on the north fork of the New River, which failed the test 94% of the time, the report said, meaning its levels of bacteria would warrant a swim warning. The most consistent clean water quality occurred at Sunrise Bay (Hugh Taylor Birch State Park) just north of Sunrise Boulevard, which received a passing grade 92.3% of the time.

Other sites that have failed frequently tend to be a little more inland. They include the Himmarshee Canal just off the New River (passed 23.1% of the time), the Tarpon River just south of Southeast Ninth Street (passed 35.4% of the time), and Annie Beck Park (passed 46.2% of the time). Coontie Hatchee Park was a little cleaner, passing 55.6% of the time.

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