Tutor Tracy from ‘MDLLA’ stopped Mounjaro after ‘bullet vomiting’ side effect, inability to drink alcohol

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ star Tracy Tutor says she stopped using type 2 diabetes drug Mounjaro for weight loss after eight weeks

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Tracy Tutor shares why she stopped using the type 2 diabetes drug Mounjaro for weight loss after a short period of time.

THE Million Dollar Listing in Los Angeles star, 47, appeared on the Jeff Lewis has problems podcast in which she told host Jeff Lewis that she was previously taking Mounjaro, an FDA-approved prescription drug for people with type 2 diabetes. It’s a brand name for tyrzepatide, which has been shown to be very effective for weight loss. weight by reducing your appetite and improving the way your body breaks down sugar and fat.

Mounjaro is similar to the Ozempic and Wegovy brand names for semaglutide that work in the brain to affect satiety and have been trending in Hollywood weight loss circles.

I’m not here anymore. I was only on it for about eight weeks, Tutor said on the show before Lewis, 53, asked, well, how do you keep it then?

I don’t know, I’m just starving, he joked. No, legitimately, I don’t want to lose any more weight, so I quit.

The realtor detailed some of the side effects she experienced that also contributed to her decision to stop taking the drug, including her inability to drink alcohol and extreme nausea and vomiting.

The only thing I couldn’t do was drink, what a… projectile vomit, she said, sharing that she couldn’t have more than two glasses of wine. The tutor later recalled that the symptoms became so severe that she even vomited during filming MDLA.

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Bryan Bedder/Bravo via Getty Images

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I was shooting the show, actually, and we were shooting the finale, and I’d done the shoot maybe a week before, he said. We stayed home one night and had dinner and I probably had three glasses of wine, maybe after that I smoked some liquor, went to bed, woke up, not feeling well. So bad.

We had to film and I had to wear a big costume. So I’m on set and there’s 400 people, and they’re all fans of the show and all they want to do is talk, and I’m so sick so I keep going to the trailer and hiding there, and then the production team is calling me, continued the tutor.

Long story short, they called me and said, Another scene. So I’m talking to a customer, and she asked me a question and I cover my mouth and turn around and it’s like…it was so intense, she said mimicking the sound of vomiting. I was completely off track, like I must have run about 200 feet throwing up the whole way, the whole party just stopped, everyone looks like what’s wrong with her? Super sick. It was a tragedy.

Lewis then asked if the whole moment was filmed for show.

Yes, they cut it. It’s not quite on brand, Tutor joked, but it wasn’t like a hangover. It was legitimately from the gunshot.

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The most common side effects with drugs like Mounjaro, Ozempic and Wegovy are nausea and diarrhea, and they can sometimes cause vomiting or constipation, Ania Jastreboff, MD, PhD., obesity medicine medical scientist at Yale University, previously said to PEOPLE.

Additionally, he said that some patients notice a reduction in alcohol cravings when they take medications.

Clinically, I have seen this. Some patients report having less desire to drink alcohol. For example, they used to have a couple of glasses of wine, now they’ll drink half a glass of wine and don’t plan on drinking the rest of the glass, she explained. So it’s like they got the reward, or whatever they were getting by drinking that wine, they got it from a smaller amount. Or they are simply not inclined to drink a glass of wine.

Jastreboff believes the drugs may have that kind of effect because they signal the brain via hormones.

If you think about these drugs, the way we think they work is by working in the brain, and each part of the brain communicates with other parts of the brain, he told PEOPLE. So these drugs can impact parts of the brain that communicate with areas that determine the reward we get from eating certain foods, consuming alcohol, or other things.

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