Will Climate Change Migration Overpopulate Asheville?

Asheville was named to a list of cities most likely to see an influx of people due to climate migration.  The Blue Ridge Parkway, seen here, runs through Asheville.

If elbow room seems to be in short supply on Asheville’s roads and trails, just wait for expected climatic migration.

Asheville was recently named third in a list of the top 12 US cities most likely to receive an influx of residents due to climate migration by a sustainable real estate expert in conversation with USA TODAY.

The ever-increasing impacts of climate change, including warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, more powerful and destructive storms, will drive more people to flee coastal areas for places more resilient to climate change, such as North Carolina western.

Willingness to sign up for a 30-year mortgage can often depend on how well the property can be expected to stand the test of time, a test that has become increasingly difficult to pass due to the effects of climate change, according to USA TODAY.

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